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The #1 Key to Successfully Completing Your PT Plan

The #1 Key to Successfully Completing Your PT Plan

There are countless elements that go into completing a physical therapy plan.  There is the “buy in,” the resources, the relationship with the staff, but there is one thing that we have seen over the years that has continued to be a main reason why some of our clients are successful, and others are not.  That reason is: Consistency.  It sounds obvious, but the number one thing someone can do to get healed, is to actually do the work 🙂 !  Showing up for every appointment, ready to do what is asked of them over a long period of time. This also includes home exercises and even after the therapy sessions are “done.”

That sounds great, but how do I stay consistent?

This answer varies for everyone, but our big discussion with our clients is about goals.  This could range anywhere from wanting to dunk a basketball to just being able to walk again. The point being, what is the goal and how are you going to get there?  Talking with your therapist throughout the recovery process can be a motivating factor as you will see tangible progress each week.

The 1st few week are easy, but then…..

One of the most common mistakes we see clients make is that they will come to our facility and once their pain starts to fade they stop coming in.  This could be after 3-4 sessions or even 7-8 sessions.  While part of the goal is to make the pain go away, the other part is to ensure the pain does not come back.  The latter part takes time as you are building up various body components but people may not have the patience to get to the allotted 15 (or whatever the number is) sessions.  Having a “buy-in” on the entire program from the start can be a key factor here.

Positive Reinforcement

Our therapists are BIG on positive reinforcement.  We truly understand that you are taking time out of your busy schedule and that some of things we may ask you to do will be out of your comfort zone.  As we say, GROWTH COMES FROM BEING UNCOMFORTABLE.  Gaining positive reinforcement throughout your program should help you remain engaged and motivated.

If you find yourself struggling with keeping yourself on track outside of your sessions, speak up!
Experiencing struggles, for any reason, during recovery is normal. It happens to the best of us. Taking the initiative and opening that line of communication between you and your Physical Therapist will help. Being honest about those struggles and communicating with your Physical

Keep working hard! 

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